About SkillsForge

SkillsForge was a project originally set up to commercialise a competence and Performance management solution developed by the Engineering Management research group at the University of York. It offers an efficient way to manage staff competencies, develop individual and organisational skills, manage and monitor individual and organisational performance and support staff orientation.

SkillsForge is the product of over twenty years of academic research into performance management solutions and development of skills and competencies.

It is a commercially available software as a service solution developed over the past 14 years. SkillsForge provides the functionality to reflect, review, record, monitor and report upon postgraduate student progression, skills acquisition and general development activities.  It possesses a fully integrated course booking system, skills framework, bespoke forms and workflows and integrates with existing student records and HR systems. It supports the recording and monitoring of undergraduate supervisions and development actions, e.g. courses booked and attended.

More information about SkillsForge can be found in the following presentation: An Introduction to SkillsForge Presentation