Business Intelligence Solution

SkillsForge captures any and all interactions that take place on the SkillsForge system.  This wealth of data provides for a comprehensive management information reporting capability, through our business intelligence solution, YellowFin.  YellowFin is capable of producing any desired report including:

  • Automatic generation of the annual completion rate report for the institution
  • Reporting the status of progression monitoring and supervision by different groups or the whole population
  • Course booking, attendance and non-attendance and demand loading
  • Performance management status and statistical analysis
  • UK Visa & Immigration reporting
  • Analysis of imported data plus SkillsForge data to provide completely new insights
  • Ad Hoc Management Information Reporting

Any and all data is stored in the SkillsForge data warehouse and archived for as long as the client requires.  This data can then be analysed and reported on through our business intelligence solution, YellowFin. Reporting can be carried out utilising this existing SkillsForge reporting tool, or the data can be uploaded to the client’s data warehouse for use by their own management information business intelligence tools.

Further, data can be displayed or integrated in many ways through the YellowFin solution including but not limited to PDF, Excel, CSV and Powerpoint.  YellowFin’s visual illustration and demonstration is very extensive.  These reports can be set to run at regular intervals and made available through the system or via email to users.

Data integration can be effected with any of the client’s existing systems, including student records, human resource, finance, virtual learning and research management systems.  This data integration can be two ways ensuring that the double entry of data is not required.

SkillsForge’s business intelligence solution can be bought as a separate package or as a pure reporting package.

SkillsForge is a registered reseller of YellowFin, our chosen business intelligence solution.  More can be learnt about YellowFin here

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