I am hoping you can convey a special thank you to our colleagues in Skills Forge. The University was able to evidence points of contact for our Tier 4 PhD students. The Home Office were happy with the evidence provided via SkillsForge and did not have any further questions. This assisted the team with smooth audit and positive outcome.

- Thereza Bandouna, Head of International Operations at Manchester Metropolitan University

We have been extremely impressed not only with the SkillsForge platform itself, which has been flexibly designed to meet Warwick’s professional development needs, but also with the professionalism, service, and openness of the team throughout contracting, the launch and beyond.

Our postgraduate research students, academic staff, and event providers love the intuitive way the system works. The PGRs especially like the ability to easily self-record activities and book onto courses, and that they can evidence their professional development in a single user friendly portal. One of the real wins for us was the collaborative design of the visual device which represents development undertaken; it is seamless to users but we are aware of how much work behind the scenes this was to develop, and were appreciative of SkillsForge’s flexibility and input.

Our thanks to the SkillsForge team for this continued support and innovation!

- Tracy Horton, Student Development at the University of Warwick

...we’ve had specific praise for the course booking system from our students. They love the simplicity and the fact that it’s online and we have had classes at full capacity and indeed on waiting lists, which is excellent this early in the year. We’ve had such a good response we have visiting students and internal staff who are neither students or supervisors expressing a wish to attend courses...”
“...we can definitely see how the system is, and will continue to be, very beneficial when the whole thing is live and working. I’m impressed with the amount of work involved in both the development and support...

- Paul Wright, Manchester Metropolitan University

The judges felt that SkillsForge was a leader in this sector. The innovative idea and the way it is executed is truly remarkable.”

- Judges, Educate North & UK Leadership Awards 2017