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Manage the student journey with ease using SkillsForge

SkillsForge empowers users through the use of innovative functionality and software


Student Journey - Admissions to Examinations

This aspect of SkillsForge enables a university to create and run end to end workflows that embrace the journey from admissions to examinations, highly automating the process and capturing data that was impossible to capture beforehand. This can be implemented with the Skills Assessment and Development aspect of SkillsForge, if the university so wishes.

  • Role specific dashboards
  • Pictorial representation of student timeline
  • Configurable workflows from admission up to and including examination covering the complete student journey
  • Configurable forms and emails
  • Digital sign off of forms
  • Powerful flexible deadline and reminder tools
  • Integration with other university systems
  • Automatic recalculation of key dates (if required)
  • Calendar integration

Progression Monitoring and Supervision

The SkillsForge solution delivers highly efficient and effective postgraduate progression monitoring to institutions. The integrated solution can be bespoked to any postgraduate progression monitoring requirement through the use of our powerful workflow scripting, form templates, email templates and role based access control.
SkillsForge can be tailored to an institution’s own look and feel and easily integrated with other systems within the institution, e.g. student records systems, human resource systems, virtual learning environments and research systems.

“Through innovative collaboration and design, our aim is to guide, support and evidence the success of Higher and Further Education students, staff and supervisors.”

Enables students through:

  • Record of their progress
  • Dashboard summary
  • Action points/Milestones
  • Automated follow up and chasing through the postgraduate progression monitoring workflows
  • Digitally signed supervision and progression meetings
  • Full history of all interactions with the system
  • PHD Timeline

Enables supervisors through:

  • Dashboard showing summary of all their students’ progress
  • Action points/milestone
  • Full history of all interactions with the system
  • Automated follow up and chasing
  • Digitally signed supervision and progression meetings
  • Extensive Management Information

Enables administrators through:

  • Monitoring of progress across the institution/department
  • Exception reporting to identify issues for action
  • Significant automation of processes and workflows
  • Full history of all interactions with the system by all participants
  • Extensive Management Information including UKVI interaction reporting

Enables institutions through:

  • Two way data integration between systems such as student records and human resources to provide one version of the truth
  • Deep and broad data for business intelligence reporting
  • Powerful workflows ensure compliance with the institution’s policies
  • UKVI interactions captured as standard within the processes

Short Course Booking

SkillsForge delivers an automated short course booking solution for any organisation. This can be made available to all, or to agreed subsets of participants. For example, in universities the short course booking solution can be made available to all students and staff, or just students, or just post graduates, or staff only. Our Role Based Access Control feature delivers this capability.

The solution is extremely powerful whereby all courses can be set up within SkillsForge with different publication dates. Once the courses are loaded course administrators can simply leave the solution to automatically manage bookings, cancellations, etc. Very little, if any, intervention is required.

The short course booking functionality includes:

  • Capture and summary of all development activities
  • Course booking and attendance statistics
  • Online course evaluation and reporting
  • Integration with other operating systems, e.g. Human Resources, Student Records Systems
  • Advanced searchable course content
  • Capability to embed the solution into other systems, e.g. virtual learning environments

For students:

  • Skills Assessment and advanced searchable course content
  • Ability to capture all development activities
  • Simple course booking and course cancellation functionality

For supervisors:

  • Skills Assessment and advanced searchable course content
  • Ability to capture all development activities
  • Simple course booking and course cancellation functionality
  • (If enabled) a supervisor can see what courses students are undertaking
  • Reporting on attendance and skills progression

For administrators:

  • Easy course set up and full automation thereafter, e.g. reminder emails, cancellation and automatic offer
  • Online register
  • Online course evaluation
  • Powerful reporting capability

Skills Assessment, Development and Tracking

SkillsForge supports any skills framework for Postgraduate skills. The solution enables initial skills assessment, the tracking of skills assessment (and improvement) over time (against any chosen framework) per individual and across a population of individuals. Once the Postgraduate skills levels have been assessed a training needs analysis can be completed within SkillsForge and then suitable courses, to support the desired skills development, searched for within SkillsForge.

The SkillsForge solution delivers the following functionality:

  • Reflection
  • Postgraduate skills Assessment (although this can be applied to any role within an institution)
  • Supervisor Feedback
  • Training Needs Analysis and Development Plan
  • Course Search and Booking Management
  • Reporting

SkillsForge is an institution wide solution and not just reserved for Postgraduate skills.

Supporting the Career Development of Researchers

SkillsForge fully compatible with the 2019 Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers. The solution has been used for many years across a number of organisations to track the development of researchers against their chosen career path and the skills they have developed. SkillsForge's core function tracks and reports on development activities undertaken against established target and monitors skills development over time across the institution, per group/cohort and per individual.

Business Intelligence Solution

SkillsForge captures any and all interactions that take place on the SkillsForge system. This wealth of data provides for a comprehensive management information reporting capability, through our business intelligence solution, YellowFin. YellowFin is capable of producing any desired report including:

  • Automatic generation of the annual completion rate report for the institution
  • Reporting the status of progression monitoring and supervision by different groups or the whole population
  • Course booking, attendance and non-attendance and demand loading
  • Performance management status and statistical analysis
  • UK Visa & Immigration reporting
  • Analysis of imported data plus SkillsForge data to provide completely new insights
  • Ad Hoc Management Information Reporting

Any and all data is stored in the SkillsForge data warehouse and archived for as long as the client requires. This data can then be analysed and reported on through our business intelligence solution, YellowFin. Reporting can be carried out utilising this existing SkillsForge reporting tool, or the data can be uploaded to the client’s data warehouse for use by their own management information business intelligence tools.

Further, data can be displayed or integrated in many ways through the YellowFin solution including but not limited to PDF, Excel, CSV and Powerpoint. YellowFin’s visual illustration and demonstration is very extensive. These reports can be set to run at regular intervals and made available through the system or via email to users.

Data integration can be effected with any of the client’s existing systems, including student records, human resource, finance, virtual learning and research management systems. This data integration can be two ways ensuring that the double entry of data is not required.

SkillsForge’s business intelligence solution can be bought as a separate package or as a pure reporting package.

SkillsForge is a registered reseller of YellowFin, our chosen business intelligence solution. More can be learnt about YellowFin here: YellowFin BI

UKVI Reporting

With SkillsForge capturing and warehousing all interactions that occur on the system (via students, supervisors, administrators, etc) the system is ideal for UK Visa & Immigration (UKVI) reporting and tracking.

The solution can produce exception reports automatically which are emailed regularly to relevant parties. Reports such as “Time since last interaction” can be extremely powerful in tracking for any impending UKVI issues.

I am hoping you can convey a special thank you to our colleagues in Skills Forge. The University was able to evidence points of contact for our Tier 4 PhD students. The Home Office were happy with the evidence provided via skills forge and did not have any further questions. This assisted the team with smooth audit and positive outcome.”

- Thereza Bandouna, Head of International Operations at Manchester Metropolitan University

Student Records System

The SkillsForge solution encapsulates progression monitoring, supervision, course booking, training needs analysis, performance management, capturing of financial details, processing key university activities and management reporting. Given its commonality of requirements with a traditional student records system, SkillsForge can be utilised (after bespoking) as a university’s student records system. Based on modern technologies this provides a considerable advantage versus the older technologies the traditional records systems are based on.

For individual institutions, SkillsForge’s base functionality can be bespoked to student records system requirements and provide automation for key university processes.