Our team

Tony Ward

Tony is Professor of Engineering Management in the Department of Electronics at the University of York. His research interests are in engineering education, including what skills (specifically generic skills) graduates need; how these are developed and how they can be meaningfully assessed. The concept for SkillsForge emerged from research undertaken over the past 15 years and continues to be a research theme. SkillsForge is a solution founded on relevant Postgraduate Skills development and general training provision procedures from a practitioner’s perspective – with the objective of making them operationally effective and efficient.

Gary Fawcett

Gary has been involved in the design, sale and delivery of complex technology solutions for over 20 years. Having been employed at KPMG and Dell Perot Systems his delivery ethos is consultative and he seeks to deliver significant benefits to all of SkillsForge’s clients. He views SkillsForge as a very exciting solution that can deliver significant improvements to chosen outcomes, reduce clients’ operating costs and support significant growth in student numbers.

Jonathan Carr

As one of the founders of SkillsForge Jonathan has been delivering skills and management solutions across a variety of sectors for over 15 years. He works closely with customers to help them realise the full benefits of SkillsForge, building on years of studying best practice and translating between the real and digital worlds. He remains actively involved in the development and support of the SkillsForge platform.

Dick Whittington

Dick is a serial entrepreneur, business mentor and investor, focusing on the software industry and digital marketplaces, with over 30 years of experience in business. Dick joined the SkillsForge Board in April 2017 at an exciting time, as the company develops its ambitious plans for future growth and achievement.

Matthew Just
Board Director

Stephen Bentley
Senior Development Specialist

Carmen Strode
Senior Development Specialist

Carmen is a senior development specialist for SkillsForge with an interest in Human-Computer Interaction. She has a PhD in web accessibility and a background in web application development.

Michael Bohea
Development Specialist

Keen to maintain a stable, well managed platform, Michael is the main infrastructure manager at SkillsForge and currently in the process of passing AWS Associate exams. In his spare time, he's a hobbyist games developer and tabletop game master.

Tim Hughes
Senior Development Specialist

Tim is a senior development specialist for SkillsForge with an interest in open source software, bikes, books and beer. He has 20+ years development experience working in the ecommerce and finance sectors and is enjoying the learning experience of working with higher education institutions.

Dragos Paun
Development Specialist

Joe Lamyman
Development Specialist

Joe is a recent graduate in Interactive Media from the University of York. He is passionate about great user experience design and understanding our users needs.

Nate Simpson
Senior Security Specialist

Nate is responsible for promoting Information Security, covering risk, change and incidents as well as supporting an embedded security first model in our applications. He is leading the project to attain certification to ISO 27001 for our Information Security Management System.

Stuart Loose
Senior Development Specialist

Graham Cook
Senior Development Specialist

Graham is an experienced tech lead, senior developer and solution architect, having spent many years working in the Higher Education sector, as well as construction, finance and defence. He has a broad range of skills across many disciplines and can help real people make sense of complex systems.

Prasanna Jeychandra
Development Specialist

Colin Gould
Senior Development Specialist

Adi Ginat
Business Process Intern

Sushma Daram
Development Specialist