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SkillsForge was a project originally set up to commercialise a competence and Performance management solution developed by the Engineering Management research group at the University of York. It offers an efficient way to manage staff competencies, develop individual and organisational skills, manage and monitor individual and organisational performance and support staff orientation.

SkillsForge is the product of over twenty years of academic research into performance management solutions and development of skills and competencies.

It is a commercially available software as a service solution developed over the past 14 years.  SkillsForge provides the functionality to reflect, review, record, monitor and report upon postgraduate student progression, skills acquisition and general development activities.  It possesses a fully integrated course booking system, skills framework, bespoke forms and workflows and integrates with existing student records and HR systems. It supports the recording and monitoring of undergraduate supervisions and development actions, e.g. courses booked and attended.

“Transforming the HE student journey through operational excellence.”

Through innovative collaborative design, our aim is to guide, support and evidence the success of Higher and Further Education students, staff and supervisors.

SkillsForge provides the following benefits:

  • Tracking of compliance with external regulations (e.g. UKVI, QAA, UCA)
  • Provides evidence of governance and tracks compliance with institutional policies
  • Helps inform and develop institutional policies and processes
  • Facilitates monitoring, record keeping and reporting
  • Protection against potential complaints and litigation
  • Supports the development of skills across the institution
  • Cost savings (efficiency and effectiveness gains). Cost savings can be realised or staff deployed to value adding activities
  • Significant improvement in reporting breadth, depth and sophistication
  • Achieves real growth in graduate numbers with no increase in support costs
  • Being used strategically to increase league table position

The overarching SkillsForge solution comprises:

  • Expert consultation to analyse and advise clients on the best solution for their challenges;
  • A fully integrated system as the client’s own solution (e.g. corporate identity and single sign-in);
  • Integration of customer’s own skills, competence or behavioural framework used to assess their people;
  • Audit tool against the framework as a basis for training needs analysis and personal development plans;
  • Electronically signed records of all development activities and personal meetings;
  • Electronically signed progression, supervision and performance records;
  • Fully integrated and automated training course management system;
  • Fully integrated administration and data reporting tools.

The SkillsForge team is sourced from higher education and are experts in their field.  This expertise is supported by our standard engagement methodology which facilitates the identification and implementation of improvement opportunities.

SkillsForge is delivered as Software as a Service. It is a web based tool and is designed as a flexible fully integrated performance management solution for individuals through to very large institutions.  The performance management solution comprises functional modules including competence frameworks, competence audit tools, development recording, training course management, record keeping and report production.  It is a multi-role based system offering appropriate views, through Role Based Access Control, into its held data tailored for individuals, supervisors/managers, administrators at the individual and aggregated levels.  Security, data integrity and the ability to ‘skin’ the service to provide single sign-in and corporate visual identity are important areas of functionality.  SkillsForge integrates easily with other systems to ensure synchronisation of data.


SkillsForge is constantly improved through the release of new versions based on the prioritised functionality derived from our development roadmap. The development roadmap is updated through feedback from our customers and our own market and technical analysis.

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