SkillsForge’s form templates, workflows and reporting capabilities enables performance management across an organisation.  The workflows ensure that inputs and outputs trigger the correct process follow ups.

Many organisations still perform performance management appraisals and processes through the use of paper and spreadsheets to track compliance with process. This approach is time consuming and inefficient. Other organisations conduct performance management through inputting information onto a stand alone form linked to a database. Again, this is inefficient.

SkillsForge’s approach is different. Other than the all important conversations between the appraiser and appraisee SkillsForge automates the rest of the process.

For example, there may be a requirement to complete a quarterly or annual appraisal form from which various outputs will trigger further actions.  For instance, a recommendation for a salary increase (which would require higher level sanction so the system would manage this), or a requirement to undertake personal development (which would trigger actions for the appraisee), or simply put, the appraisal may need signing off at a higher level.

With SkillsForge the entire performance management process can be automated and progress reported upon in real time, ensuring that the organisation’s time is spent carrying out quality appraisals and not spent chasing appraisals through the process.

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