SkillsForge placement management functionality includes the ability for organisations to apply for research funding (for example, the SkillsForge system supports a European funded project, KESS2, where Welsh companies can apply for funding to research their ideas).

Clearly, once the funding application has been assessed postgraduate research resources need to be appointed. Again, SkillsForge provides this placement management functionality where post graduate researchers can apply to work in the authorised research projects. The postgraduate researcher inputs their details into the SkillsForge solution, e.g. into the KESS2 branded solution and the system commences the assessment as to their suitability. Once the assessment has been carried out the postgraduate researcher, if deemed suitable, is assigned to the relevant project. At this point the SkillsForge placement management functionality of progression monitoring, supervision, personal development, etc, will then take over.

All of this process takes place in SkillsForge which provides the automated workflows, forms, database and reporting. This ensures that the placement management process and assessment is performed very efficiently and effectively.

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