This aspect of SkillsForge enables a university to create and run workflows that embrace
the PGR student journey from admissions to examinations, highly automating the process and capturing
data that was impossible, or too costly, to capture beforehand. This can be implemented with the Skills
Assessment and Development as well as the Automated Course Booking and Administration aspects of SkillsForge, if the university so wishes.

The solution includes:

• Role specific dashboards and business intelligence reporting
• Pictorial representation of student timeline
• Configurable workflows from admission up to and including
examination covering the complete student journey
• Configurable forms and emails
• Digital sign off of forms
• Powerful flexible deadline and reminder tools
• Integration with other university systems
• Automatic recalculation of key dates (if required)
• Calendar integration

“Transforming the HE student journey through operational excellence”

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