Progression Monitoring

The SkillsForge solution delivers highly efficient and effective postgraduate progression monitoring to institutions.  The integrated solution can be bespoked to any postgraduate progression monitoring requirement through the use of our powerful workflow scripting, form templates, email templates and role based access control.

SkillsForge can be tailored to an institution’s own look and feel and easily integrated with other systems within the institution, e.g. student records systems, human resource systems, virtual learning environments and research systems.

Through innovative collaboration and design, our aim is to guide, support and evidence the success of Higher and Further Education students, staff and supervisors.

Enables students through:

  • Record of their progress
  • Dashboard summary
  • Action points/Milestones
  • Automated follow up and chasing through the postgraduate progression monitoring workflows
  • Digitally signed supervision and progression meetings
  • Full history of all interactions with the system
  • pHD Timeline

Enables supervisors through:

  • Dashboard showing summary of all their students’ progress
  • Action points/milestone
  • Full history of all interactions with the system
  • Automated follow up and chasing
  • Digitally signed supervision and progression meetings
  • Extensive Management Information

Enables administrators through:

  • Monitoring of progress across the institution/department
  • Exception reporting to identify issues for action
  • Significant automation of processes and workflows
  • Full history of all interactions with the system by all participants
  • Extensive Management Information including UKVI interaction reporting

Enables institutions through:

  • Two way data integration between systems such as student records and human resources to provide one version of the truth
  • Deep and broad data for business intelligence reporting
  • Powerful workflows ensure compliance with the institution’s policies
  • UKVI interactions captured as standard within the processes

If you are interested in postgraduate progression monitoring then feel free to contact us for a demonstration or quote.