Project Application Processing

SkillsForge is an ideal system for project application processing.  Part of tts functionality includes the ability for organisations to apply for projects for research funding (for example, the SkillsForge system supports a European funded project, KESS2, where Welsh companies can apply for funding to research their ideas).  KESS2 is a major European project lead by Bangor University and involving all of the Welsh universities.

The process of project application includes the input of the project details,  e.g. into the KESS2 branded solution.  The system will then commence the assessment as to the project’s suitability. Once the assessment has been carried out the project, if deemed suitable, is sanctioned and SkillsForge’s automated configured workflow triggers further actions to support the set up of the project, e.g. postgraduate placement management for KESS2 (see here for further details).

All of this process takes place in SkillsForge which provides the automated workflows, forms, database and reporting. This ensures that the project application process and assessment is performed very efficiently and effectively.

SkillsForge is ideal for project application processing. Our work with the European funded KESS2 project has enabled organisations in Wales to apply for research project funds and, when the funds have been sanctioned, SkillsForge supports the progression monitoring of the project.  Please see the example screenshots below to gain an overview of part of SkillsForge’s capabilities.

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