The SkillsForge team is sourced from higher education and are experts in their field.  This expertise is supported by our standard engagement methodology which facilitates the identification and implementation of improvement opportunities.

The overarching SkillsForge solution comprises the following:

  • Expert consultation to analyse and advise clients on the best solution for their challenges;
  • A fully integrated system as the client’s own solution (e.g. corporate identity and single sign-in);
  • Integration of customer’s own skills, competence or behavioural framework used to assess their people;
  • Audit tool against the framework as a basis for training needs analysis and personal development plans;
  • Electronically signed records of all development activities and personal meetings;
  • Electronically signed progression, supervision and performance records;
  • Fully integrated and automated training course management system;
  • Two way data integration with existing client systems such as the student records system
  • Fully integrated administration and data reporting tools.

This can be summarised by the following diagram:

Once the client has decided to go ahead with SkillsForge the first critical steps are analysis and then defining the specification for configuration.  The SkillsForge team engages with the client through the analysis stage as follows:

  • Data analysis of account feeds
  • Authentication strategy
  • Process analysis and mapping (see example document below)
  • Confirmation of forms and frameworks
  • Agreement of the look and feel of the system
  • Role Based Access Control definition
  • Confirmation of reporting requirements

In terms of process analysis and mapping, the SkillsForge team  works directly with the client to understand the processes that will be configured within the system. Each process is mapped prior to configuration and testing in line with the example document below.  This approach enables improvement opportunities to be identified and factored into the newly implemented system, e.g. automating previous manual interventions, improvements to forms to achieve better insights, enhanced reporting from a timing and informational perspective.


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