Student Supervision

The SkillsForge solution supports the student supervision requirements for postgraduate and undergraduates within Higher and Further Education.  Its bespoke form templates, calendar function and powerful scripting engine can be tailored to fit any institutions processes, whether for group or one to one student supervision.

Over the past 14 years the SkillsForge software as a service solution has developed into a comprehensive tool for universities and other organisations.  The solution is highly configurable from a workflow, form template, notifications, look and feel (branding) and reporting perspective .  SkillsForge integrates easily with existing organisational systems such as student records systems, human resources systems and research management systems.

The solution encapsulates progression monitoring, student supervision, course booking, training needs analysis, performance management and management reporting.

SkillsForge is hosted at the University of York, supports various authentication/security strategies and is upgraded regularly based on feedback from our client base.

The SkillsForge team is sourced from Higher Education and are experts in their field.  This expertise is supported by our standard engagement methodology which facilitates the identification and implementation of improvement opportunities.

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