Postgraduates forge ahead with support of innovative software solution

Published 08-04-2019

SkillsForge, a successful innovative spin-out from the University of York, have taken the next steps in their plans for the future by moving to a new office at York Science Park. Formed to address the problems faced by the lack of systems available to support postgraduate researchers, SkillsForge provides a highly interactive software to help […]

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SkillsForge has its first appointment in Australia

Published 26-09-2018

SkillsForge is pleased to announce its first appointment in Australia subsequent to winning 3 university customers in one of its strategic markets. Stuart Loose has joined the SkillsForge team and will help support our existing clients and work to increase the client base in Australia and New Zealand. Gary Fawcett, the SkillsForge CEO said: “Stuart’s […]

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SkillsForge signs the University of South Australia

Published 31-08-2018

We’re proud to announce our third university client in Australia with the signing of the University of South Australia in Adelaide last month.

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Everyone is a winner: Enabling change and impact through a digital HDR candidature management system


A quote about SkillsForge at the up and coming ARMS conference in Hobart in Australia: “Flinders University, like many other universities, has recently gone through a major restructure. The restructure has created a central HDR management process, from admission, progression and examination, to skills development and partnership being centrally administered by the Office of Graduate […]

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SkillsForge signs Flinders University

Published 05-04-2018

In bad news for South Australian vellum producers, Flinders U has introduced the SkillsForge doctoral candidature system, which will save “hundreds of hours of administration over the life of a doctorate.”  Developed at the University of York, the system, among other things; “provides the functionality to reflect, review, record, monitor and report upon postgraduate student progression, skills acquisition and general […]

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A University of Warwick video showing the benefits of using SkillsForge

Published 01-03-2018

The University of Warwick has kindly produced a video showing some of the benefits of using SkillsForge through the eyes of one of their research students. To view please click here.

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A recently released article in The Institution of Engineering and Technology Partner News Magazine

Published 20-12-2017

The University of York’s Department of Electronic Engineering has a strong record of supporting and facilitating several spin-out companies as a result of its interdisciplinary and high-impact, research driven strategies. One successful example is SkillsForge. In Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) the upskilling of students and staff is a core activity achieved mainly through teaching and […]

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SkillsForge wins the North East Regional Final of Tech North’s Northern Stars!

Published 06-10-2017

On the evening of 5th October, SkillsForge, based at the University of York, won the North East Regional Final of the Tech North Northern Stars competition. The competition is one of the most prestigious tech challenges in the UK. SkillsForge faced competition from 9 other business pitches and, having won the final, was automatically catapulted […]

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SkillsForge to provide its Postgraduate Researcher Progression Monitoring solution to the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Published 09-06-2017

Leading UK higher education software company, SkillsForge, has secured the contract to provide the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine with its Postgraduate Researcher Progression Monitoring solution. SkillsForge CEO, Gary Fawcett, said: “We work with over 20 universities across the UK and understand that each institute has very different needs and requirements. SkillsForge is […]

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SkillsForge wins two awards!

Published 02-05-2017

We at SkillsForge are proud to announce that we won two prestigious awards at the recent Educate North & UK Leadership Awards 2017.  The awards were as follows: University Entrepreneurs Challenge Award Innovation Award “The judges felt that SkillsForge was a leader in this sector. The innovative idea and the way it is executed is […]

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